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Mini Valets, Part Valet & Full Valeting

Mobile Valets

Fabric Seat Cleaning – Stain Removal

Fabric Seat Cleaning

End of Lease Car Valet & Contract Hire 

End of Lease Car Valet

Disability – Mobility & Special Needs Valeting

Disability Mobility & Special Needs Valeting
Caravan & Motorhome Washing

Caravan Washing – Motorhome Washing

Ceramic Coating - Bodywork Coats

Ceramic Coating

Paint Corrections - Machine Polishing

Full Paint Corrections

Protective Ceramic Coatings, Williams Coating

New – Used Car Protection

Interior car valeting, Shampooing, Hoovering, Vaccuming, Seat Cleaning, Carpets

Interior Valeting

Exterior car cleaning, polishing & waxing. Tar Removal

Exterior Valeting

Mobile Car Cleaning Car Valeting Burnley Accrington Rossendale

Mobile Car Valet Services

G & G offer a wide range of mobile car valet services to the motor industry, we cover: Burnley, Accrington, Rossendale & surrounding areas.

We offer

Mobile Car Valet Services for:

  • Car Seat Cleaning
  • Car Cleaning & Mobile Van Valeting (Mini & Part Valets plus Full Mobile Valet)
  • End of Lease Car Valets (All Vehicles)
  • Interior Vehicle Valeting – Seat Shampooing
  • Exterior Valeting (Polishing – Waxing, Tar Removal)
  • Dog Hair Removal or Pet Hair Removal
  • Mobility, Disability & Special Needs Car Cleaning & Van Valets
  • Paint Corrections ( A Full Paint Correction will remove scratches in your bodywork’s clear coat/lacquer)
  • Enhancements for New & Used Vehicles. (This Detail Enhances the shine of your vehicle & adds the protection of a ceramic coating)
  • Ceramic Coatings (Give long lasting protection to your cars bodywork. 10 times thicker than wax)
  • Leather Cleaning & Protection
  • Caravan Washing & Motorhome Washing
  • Car Wash
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Fabric, Vinyl Hood Cleaning & Protection
  • Machine Polishing – Buffing (1, 2 or 3 Stage – Removes Swirl Marks, Scratches & Paint Transfer)

Mobile Car Valet & Vehicle Valeting

We are professional Car & Van Valeters catering for Mobile Caravan Washing & Motorhome Washing covering Rossendale, Burnley, Accrington & surrounding areas.

If you require a tidy up or a comprehensive full mobile car valet to bring your vehicle to a showroom condition. We cater for everyone including the Mobility, Disability & Special Needs Car & Van Cleaning, commercial & fleet vehicles as well as the private sector.

We offer End of Lease car valet(s) for your leased cars or vans, residential & trade, as well as interior and exterior car cleaning. 3 stage machine polishing is offered which will remove swirl marks, light scratching and marring from your paintwork.

We  run a fair Car Cleaning Prices policy offering bespoke prices to clients.

Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

Motorhome Washing

Motorhome Washing

Engine Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

Leather Cleaning & Protection

Leather Cleaning

Fabric Hood Protection - Vinyl Hood Cleaning

Fabric Hood Cleaning & Protection

Mobile Valeting, Car Washing, Seat Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing

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