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Interior Cleaning & Protection
Maching Polishing
Fabric Repair
Headlight Restoration

Mobile Car Cleaning & Specialist Valeting

Mobile Car Cleaning

Contact G & G for Mobile Car Cleaning & Mobile Valeting, we offer a wide range of services offering specialist valeting to the motor industry.

Mobile Car Cleaning & Mobile Valeting Burnley, Accrington, Rossendale & surrounding areas.

  • Car Cleaning & Mobile Van Valeting
  • Lease Car Return Valets (All Vehicles)
  • Paint Corrections ( A Full Paint Correction will remove scratches in your bodywork’s clear coat/lacquer)
  • Enhancements for New & Used Vehicles. (This Detail Enhances the shine of your vehicle)
  • Ceramic Coatings giving long lasting protection to your cars bodywork. 10 times thicker than wax.
  • Scratch & Stone Chip Repair
  • Leather Deep Cleaning & Protection
  • Caravan Washing & Motorhome Washing
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Fabric, Vinyl Hood Cleaning & Protection
  • Window Screen Chip repair
  • Cosmetic Repair to Vinyl Hard Plastics

Mobile Van Valeting

We are professional Car & Van Valeters, Cleaning Specialists.  Mobile Caravan Washing & Motorhome Washing for Rossendale, Burnley, Accrington & surrounding postcode areas.

Mobile Car Valeting

For Accrington, Burnley & Rossendale whether you require a tidy up or a comprehensive full valet to bring your vehicle to a showroom condition.

Lease car return valet(s) as well as interior and exterior valeting, 3 stage machine polishing for your paintwork which will remove swirl marks, light scratching and marring.


New Car Protection is offered to protect your investment against the elements and contamination of airborne debris like iron filings & Brake Dust due to the amount of vehicles on our roads.

Paint Corrections, Ceramic Coatings & Enhancements giving long lasting protection for new and used cars

All vehicles will get scratches & swirl marks at some point, whether that’s down to a bad washing technique, driving past bushes or tree branches, people leaning on the cars or vans or putting things on the body work.

There are many different ways scratches find themselves in your bodywork clear coat. The good news is that these unsightly marks can be removed by machine polishing, once removed a Ceramic Coating can be applied to protect your paintwork up to 3 years.

A Full Paint Correction can take up to 5 days to complete. Our Enhancement Detail will take around a day & a half which is for newer vehicles with only very light swirls marks.

Cosmetic Repair

Stone Chips & Scratch Repair

Damage to your paintwork like scratches and stone chips can be expensive if your vehicle ends up in the bodyshop, G & G is based in Rossendale can repair most of these small scratches & stone chips to match your vehicle colour by using the original paint code from your vehicle.

Not all scuffs & scratches need bodywork, G & G can machine polish most scuffs and scratches out of your clear coat or lacquer saving you time and money. Scratch & Stone Chip Repair in your bodywork, (For small scratches only) We can complete the repair via our mobile valeting van.

Vinyl, Plastic & Fabric Repair

Having your vehicle repaired is much more cost effective than replacing the damaged area with a new part. Accidents do happen like cigarette burns on seats and carpets. Telephone holes where your mobile phone has been attached for your hands free device.

Damage to fabric, vinyl and interior plastics when transporting rubbish to the tip or general wear and tear to leather and velour.

Leather Deep Cleaning & Protection

  • Leather is a skin and it damages like our own
  • Leather dries out and can easily crack if not protected
  •  Leather needs to be deep cleaned, and protected every 3 or 4 months dependant on vehicle usage

A Leather hide can be natural, dyed, coloured  & the grain impressed upon it, a car seat can be made up of leather and vinyl. Both surfaces are cleaned in different ways.

G & G can mix the colour of your dyed leather and repair scuffs, scratches and ripped areas to a high standard.

Window Screen Glass Chip Repair

Chips in your window screen can turn into cracks and become very dangerous should it break, any chip or crack will reduce your window screens strength & integrity.

Getting your cracked or chipped window screen repaired is much cheaper than some access’s on insurance policies, so it’s well worth it.

Why pay the full access when you only need to pay a fraction of it. Going through your insurer may result in your excess charge being paid, this may also increase your premium the following year due to making a claim.

Interior Repair

We cover all aspects of trim, leather, velour and fibre repairs. Whether it’s a:

  • Door Panel
  • Arm Rest
  • Telephone Hole
  • Hard Plastic Repair
  • Cigarette Burn in seats & carpets
  • Seats

Mobile Car Cleaning Valeting

  • Accrington Car Cleaning
  • Car Valeting Accrington East Lancashire
  • Mobile Car & Van Valets Bury
  • Rossendale Van Valeters
  • Valeting in Burnley
  • Burnley Van Valets
  • Mobile Car Washing Burnley
  • Accrington Mobile Car Cleaning
  • Caravan Washing Hyndburn,
  • Burnley Caravan Cleaning
  • Rossendale Lease Car Return
  • Mobile Car Cleaning Rossendale

We Cover:

Rossendale, Hyndburn, Burnley, Accrington, Blackburn, Bury, Bacup, Whitworth, Ramsbottom, Helmshore, Rawtenstall, Haslingden, Reed, Whalley, Great Harwood, Oswaldtwistle, Brierfield, Padiham, Barnoldswick, Rawtenstall, Edenfield, Stacksteads, Haslingden, Baxenden and many other areas.

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