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Vinyl – Fabric Hood Cleaning & Protection

Fabric Hood Cleaning & Protection

Soft tops on cabriolet cars need Fabric Hood Cleaning & Protection to look after them at least once a year at the very minimum, twice would be ideal. Green mould can take time & effort to remove even by the most experienced Valeters. Not to mention the soiling, stains from bird lime plus other contamination.

If your soft top or fabric hood is heavily soiled, then you may be surprised to know it may need cleaning 5 times or more to remove the soiling & green mould growing around the seams & edges & on the roof itself.

Unfortunately there is no quick way to clean the fabric. Once your Fabric Hood or soft top has been cleaned it needs protecting to keep it weather proof.

We will hoover & scrub your fabric hood prior to the protection being added. Once dried we will repeat the processes until your soft top looks like new again.

G & G Mobile Valeting will then protect your fabric hood for you which will give it protection against the British weather.

Fabric Hood Cleaning

Fabric Hood CleaningFabric Hood CleaningFabric Hood Rear View

Vinyl Fabric Hood Cleaning & Protection

Vinyl Hood cleaning, we can clean your vinyl hood and make it look like new again. We will scrub and shampoo the hood thoroughly before we condition it, which will give it that new look.

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