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Mini Valets – Part Valet & Full Valeting

The Full Valeting is a very detailed valet which takes 5 to 7 hours to complete, this valeting option will bring your vehicle to a showroom condition.

It consists of our Interior Valeting & our Exterior Valeting, the interior is scrubbed & shampooed & Leather seats are cleaned. The exterior your car is washed, the tar is removed & then your vehicle will be polished.

We even remove your spare tyre, your car will receive a one stage machine polish to enhance the gloss finish on your vehicle.

Full Valeting BMW X6

Part Valeting

The part valeting option is an in between option, it is a mix of our Mini & Full Valeting with spot cleaning for upholstery & carpets. This is a fantastic option for Lease Car Return. Our part valets takes up to 3 hours to complete.

Mobile Part Valeting

Mini Valeting

Our Mini Valet is a tidy up of your car, even though its a Mini Valet it is quite a detailed valet which will take up to 2 hours to complete. We do not shampoo any upholstery or carpets or remove any stains with our mini valet. If you need stain removal or shampoo then the Full or Part would suite you better.

Please ask us if you need a certain area of your vehicle working on, please see our Extra Options which can be added on to your valeting requirements.

Please note: All vehicles must be emptied of personal possessions prior to our arrival. Luggage area cleaned (if empty) & heavily soiled vehicles may be subject to a surcharge agreed prior to valet.

Please try & make sure the vehicle is as empty as possible.

We  run a fair Car Cleaning Prices policy offering bespoke prices to clients.

Mini Valeting

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