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Full Paint Correction

To Remove Swirl Marks & Scratch Removal in your Car Bodywork’s Clear Coat

Scratch Removal is required for Swirl Marks by machine polishing your cars bodywork.

The full paint correction is for vehicles with deeper scratches or swirl marks in the clear coat, cars bodywork and oxidised or dull paintwork. A full paint correction may take up to 5 days to complete.

We will complete multiple stage machine polishing which will correct and refine the paint work. We will remove over 90 percent of scratches and swirl marks in your clear coat. This will deepen & enhance the gloss and your car will look better than new.

Full Paint Correction

Our full paint correction package includes a very extensive clean of you’re vehicle, which includes the engine, bodywork or paint work, alloy or steel wheels and the interior.

There are many different stages in the paint correction, the bodywork needs to prepared with a multi stage safe wash process, all contamination needs to be removed from the bodywork like ferrous iron particles which eat into your paintwork and cause rusting over time.

All tar is removed from the bodywork & Alloy Wheels/Steel Rims before we Clay Bar the bodywork & Glass to remove any other contamination or fallout. .

Your vehicle will then have a 3 stage machine polish to remove those swirl marks & scratches from your Clear Coat. Once completed we will then proceed with applying a Ceramic Coating giving up to three years protection on your bodywork and Alloys Wheels.

Ceramic Coating giving up to 5 years protection

Ceramic Coating

We will seal your glass which will give you up to two years protection. The Exhaust Tail Pipe will be cleaned and plastic & tyres will be dressed.

All vehicles come with different scenarios which is why we have a bespoke pricing structure.

 (Timeframe 3 to 5 Days)

The Full Paint Correction has over 30 stages to it.

Please note at present we are no longer offering Full Paintwork Corrections.

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