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Car Seat Cleaning – Carpets Shampooed

Mobile Car Seat Cleaning Service

Professional car interior shampoo for fabric & carpets, we will hoover your interior before everything is shampooed which will leave your car seats & carpets looking like new again.

Interior Shampooing for

  • Car Seat Cleaning
  • Interior Shampoo Cab Valet – Artic Units
  • Interior Cab Valet with Shampooing of Seats, Small Van(s) & Transits
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Matts Shampooed
  • Fabric Stain Removal – Shampoo Required
  • Mould Removal (usually occurs if the vehicle has been stood for a while & moisture has entered the vehicle)
  • Odour Removal
  • Dog Hair – Pet Hair Removal
Water Marks on SeatsDirty Car Seat After Shampoo

Shampoo Seats Cars Vans

We offer an interior car shampoo service & an outside car cleaning service.

G & G Mobile Valeting will shampoo all your seats & carpets which will remove staining, water marks, dirt & mould which will rejuvenate them making your Fabric looking like new & smelling super fresh.

Your plastics will be scrubbed & shampooed to remove ingrained dirt, dust, make up and general wear and tear on your cars interior.

Your headlining can easily get dusty and marked, we can shampoo your headlining to rejuvenate it.

Mould can be hard to remove if it left untreated for very long periods, the mould can etch into a surface leaving mould spotting behind.

Car Seat Cleaning under normal circumstances & the mould can be removed quite easily, once a full interior clean has taken place we will apply a chemical to kill any remaining bacteria.

Odour Removal, odours come in many forms, like from spilled drinks or food. If the spillage is not cleaned then the chances are the bacteria will grow and the odour will start to get stronger & stronger.

Dogs & dog hairs can also cause an odour in your vehicle, so cleaning your fabric seats or shampooing your carpets will remove the odour. Once cleaned G & G will apply a chemical to kill any remaining bacteria.

Give your vehicle a treat and ask about our Interior Valet which will give your vehicle that new showroom interior look.

Dye Transfer On SeatDye Transfer Removed

Dog Hair – Pet Hair Removal

Full interior valeting options available for Dog Hairs 

We  run a fair Car Cleaning Prices policy offering bespoke prices to clients.

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