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Scratches & Stone Chip Repair

Scratches, Stone Chips, Machine Polish

G & G Mobile, Specialist Valeting can repair most Scratches & Stone Chips to your Paint Work.

Scratches can look unsightly and devalue your vehicle. Not all scratches need expensive bodywork or paint repair.

In some cases G & G may be able to Machine Polish these scratches out if they are in your clear coat or lacquer, so there will be no need to mix paint which will save you time and money.

If the scratch is through your clear coat or lacquer then G & G Mobile Valeting will mix the correct colour of paint from your vehicle’s original manufacturer paint code, which can be found on your vehicle, then repair the scratch or stone chip.

Scratch Repair

You can see the scratch which has been filled with paint and mixed from the original manufacturer paint code.

Scratch & Stone Chip Repair

The image shows the completed paint repair, you may be able to see the scratch in certain light conditions as the light reflects off the edges of the repair.

Scratches & Stone Chips

Scratches in your Clear Coat or Lacquer can be removed by machine polishing, these are caused by a bad washing technique.

The vehicle below is just 12 months old and has been taken to a hand car wash which has caused the scratches in the clear coat.

Luckily for the customer G & G Mobile, Specialist Valeting can remove these scratches and put the vehicle back to a better than new condition. Before a cars bodywork is subject to Machine Polishing, we take paint gauge readings which gives us an idea of the thickness of your paintwork.

Scratches In Your Clear Coat- Lacquer

Scratches in your Clear Coat/Lacquer

You can see after machine polishing the bonnet the Scratches have been removed.

Scratches & Swirl Marks on Bonnet Removed

Swirl Marks removed after the 3 stage machine polish.

G & G offer new & used New Car Protection for newer vehicles, whilst offering  scratch & Swirl Mark Removal for cars with scratches in their clearcoat. The Full Paint Correction take up to 5 days to complete & include a Ceramic Coating giving up to 3 years protection.

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