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Car Valeting Burnley

For Car Cleaning in Burnley & surrounding areas, we offer Mobile Car Washing, Interior & Exterior cleans & Van Cab Cleaning.

Our valeting van for Burnley Car Valeting is fully equip, we carry water and power with us, whether you’re at work or home. We Come To You.

Mobile Car Valeting Burnley

Our services are extensive & we offer a lot more than valets on cars & vans. We offer Car Detailing Burnley for new & used vehicles where a ceramic coating is applied which gives your vehicle years of protection.

You can have a full paintwork decontamination which will remove all contamination from your vehicle bodywork. An Engine Clean can also be added to any valet.

Mini Valet option is a tidy up of your vehicle & takes up to 1.5 hours to complete:

Part valet

Is a mix of the Mini Valet & Full Valet which is fantastic for End of Lease Return Vehicles.

Full Valet

All Fabric Seats are Shampooed, the carpets & boot area are also shampooed. Our full valet takes between 5 & 7 hours to complete.

Mobile Car Valeting in Burnley

Burnley Car Valeting

Machine Polishing

Will enhance the paintwork & leave a gloss finish, if you want to remove those swirl marks in your clear coat then machine polishing is the way to remove them.

Car Washing

Is a very important step to keep your motor clean, if your  Car Washing technique is  done incorrectly, then you risk wash marring & swirl marks in your clear coat. A bad wash technique can cost you hundreds of pounds to remove the swirl marks and scratches that can be caused.

Everybody has heard the story of a car washer dropping a sponge on the floor and then picking it up and they continue to wash your vehicle.

Mobile Car Valeting in Burnley Lancashire Call 07825 561 598

Remember WE COME TO YOU and cover Burnley & surrounding areas. For Mobile Car valeting contact G & G,  we will have a service for you. Whether you need Engine Cleaning, Car Detailing or a simple tidy up.

Burnley Car Valeting options: Please complete the contact form.

Mobile Car Valets In Burnley

Car Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle, you must protect the paint work all year round. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional to do the job for you. If your vehicle is protected properly you are protecting your investment and should be able to get a better price should you decide to sell or trade the vehicle in.

Fleet Vehicles which need looking after, G & G Mobile Car Valeting will clean them to a high standard keeping your business image looking fantastic & you can be sure of a quality  service.

For Car Valets in Burnley -Book your valet: Call 07825 561 598

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