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Window Screen Chip Repair

Window Screen Chip Repair for Cars & Vans

Window Screens can easily get damaged whilst driving along the roads. Any small piece of debris can easily chip window screen chip repair.

The good news is, is that your chip in the glass can be fixed for a small expenditure in consideration to a new window screen.

It may be worth looking at your insurance policy to check what your excess is on window screen repair. I would also ask you bear in mind that a claim on your insurance policy may cause an increase in  the following year.

When you notice you have a damaged window screen, it’s worth getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Window Screen Chips can lead to your screen cracking, no matter how small they look, especially with the British roads and the underinvestment by the British government and local councils.

Once you have a chip or crack in your window screen then the integrity of the strength of the glass has been weakened. The longer the damage is left unrepaired, then moisture and dirt can enter and this could reduce the chances of getting a good repair.

There are different types of breaks and chips in your glass, these are known as Star Break, Bullseye, Combination Breaks, Half Moon, Clover Leaf & Bees Wing.

Not all chips and cracks can be repaired which would mean a new glass replacement would be required. G & G Mobile Valeting do not replace window screens, we simply repair the chip in your glass.

We would expect anywhere between 70% (lower end) to over 85% (high end) success of the repair visibility in the screen. Once the repair has been completed your screen will be back to full strength.

British Standards AU 242a1998 state:

Window Screen Repair

Zone A Damage within a circle up to 10mm

Zone B Damage within a circle up to 15mm

Zone C Damage within a circle up to 25mm

Zone D Damage within a circle up to 40mm

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