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Mould Removal Interior Cleaning

Mould can grow in our cars for many different reasons.

If the car is in use, then normally food spillages & drink spillages left untreated are the main culprits for mould growth.

Mould is caused by excessive moisture in your vehicle & it produces allergens.

This can cause allergic reactions. The spores of mould float in the air, so if you in-hail them & you are allergic to mould, then you may get an allergic reaction.

According to the nhs “Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash”

Mould Growth on Car Seat

Mould Removal

The image above shows mould growth in full growth on the side of a car seat.

Below is an example of mouldy Seats, Seat Belts & Mouldy Upholstery that is in dire need of our mould removal valeting service.

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Drivers Seat & Belt covered in mould
Passenger Seat Heavy Mould

The mould on the upholstery & seat belt is very severe.

Unfortunately the owner let the car stand for around a year without it being started up or even opened.

Once moisture enters the vehicle and a combination of the car not being used at all, then you can see what can occur.

Mould Removal from Seats & Seat Belts

Once the Mould Removal process has been completed & the whole car has been hoovered, scrubbed & shampooed, we apply a chemical on all fabric upholstery & carpets to make your vehicle smell fantastic which also kills any bacteria in the fabrics.

Mould Growth on Car Seat
Mould Growth Removed

Mould Removal

Mould under normal circumstances will not damage your car if caught before it gets too bad.

However as per all the images above, the mould & mould spores have been removed from the carpets, fabric upholstery & plastics on the door cards.

The mould spores on the dashboard were also removed, however the mould spores themselves have acted as an umbrella & protected the dashboard from where the actual spore was from the UV Sunlight.

The dashboard now has circles on it where the spores were, so the actual dashboard has been effected by the UV Sunlight which has faded the other areas of the dashboard where mould spores were not.

The dashboard can be repaired by re-colouring it to match the current colour of the dash. It is very important to keep your eye out for any mould build up.