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Mobile Valets

Mobile Car Valet Options

New Exterior Valet with 12 Month Protection: Our new exterior option is a cut above our other external valet which does not offer any machine polishing or 12 month protection to your vehicle. This exterior valet will leave your vehicle with a brilliant shine and your bodywork will be super hydrophobic which means water simply beads up & rolls off your paintwork.

  • Alloys Cleaned
  • Wash
  • Tar Removal
  • One Stage Machine Polish
  • 12 Month Vehicle Protection

You can add a full paintwork decontamination to this valet which will remove all contamination from your vehicle bodywork.

Exterior Mobile Car Valet with 12 month protection
  • Mini Valets takes up to 1.5 hours to complete and includes the interior & exterior, a great valet if you need a tidy up. It is a detailed valet even though its our Mini Valeting option.
  • Part Valet Is a mix of the mini valet & full valet with spot cleaning of seats & carpets, this is a great choice for End of Lease Car Valet Return or your vehicle just needs that little extra TLC.

Full Valeting This is our interior & Exterior cleaning option, if you need a show room condition then this is the choice for you. You can add any Extra to your choice of valet. Machine Polishing is a great option if you want those swirl marks removed.

Please note: All vehicles must be emptied of personal possessions prior to our arrival. Luggage area cleaned (if empty) & heavily soiled vehicles may be subject to a surcharge agreed prior to valet.

We  run a fair Car Cleaning Prices policy offering bespoke prices to clients.


Extra Options that you can choose to add on to your valeting requirement or as a separate item.

  • Engine Bay Detail – (Essential if your selling your car)
  • Clay Bar Paint Cleansing – (Remove Contaminants From Paint Work Leaving a Very Smooth Surface)
  • Ferrous Iron Removal, Bodywork & Alloys
  • Vinyl Removal, Decals – Stickers – Glue
  • Glass Sealant – (Exterior Windows Sealed Making Them Super Hydrophobic)
  • Machine Polishing – (Removes Swirl Marks & Fine Scratches – Faded Paintwork Rejuvenated, Swirls marks, spider webs, buffing marks, etching, webbing, scratches, and marring are all marks in your paint work. Machine Polishing you’re vehicle will remove over 90% of the marks)
  • Fabric Hood Soft Top Cleaning & Protection (Removes Green Mould From Fabric Hood)
  • Vinyl Hood Soft Top Cleaning
  • Interior Protection of Fabric Seats – Carpets (Great if you need to protect against spillages)
  • Interior Shampoo – Fabric Seats, Carpets, Matts, Door Cards
  • Odour & Stain Removal
  • Headlining Cleaning
  • Dog Hair Removal
  • Tar Removal
  • UV Protection Added to Headlights

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