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Mini Valets, Part Valet & Full Valeting

Mobile Valets

Fabric Seat Cleaning – Stain Removal

Fabric Seat Cleaning

End of Lease Car Valet & Contract Hire 

End of Lease Car Valet

Disability – Mobility & Special Needs Valeting

Disability Mobility & Special Needs Valeting
Caravan & Motorhome Washing

Caravan Washing – Motorhome Washing

Ceramic Coating - Bodywork Coats

Ceramic Coating

Paint Corrections - Machine Polishing

Full Paint Corrections

Protective Ceramic Coatings, Williams Coating

New – Used Car Protection

Interior car valeting, Shampooing, Hoovering, Vaccuming, Seat Cleaning, Carpets

Interior Valeting

Exterior car cleaning, polishing & waxing. Tar Removal

Exterior Valeting

Mobile Car Cleaning Car Valeting Burnley Accrington Rossendale

Mobile Car Valet Services

G & G offer a wide range of mobile car valet services to the motor industry, we cover: Burnley, Accrington, Rossendale & surrounding areas. We are professional Car & Van Valeters catering also for Caravan Washing & Motorhome Washing.

Lease vehicles PCP, we offer our End of Lease Car Valet which will return the vehicle back to a great condition so you don’t get penalised upon return.

Car Valet & Vehicle Valeting

For a tidy up or a comprehensive full mobile car valet which will bring your vehicle to a showroom condition. We cater for everyone including the Mobility, Disability & Special Needs sector. We also welcome commercial & fleet vehicles as well as the private sector.

We offer End of Lease car valet(s) for your leased cars or vans, residential & trade, as well as interior and exterior car cleaning. 3 stage machine polishing is offered, which will remove swirl marks, light scratching and marring from your paintwork.

Our business runs a fair Car Cleaning Prices policy offering bespoke prices to clients.

Covid – 19

We are following the social distancing guidelines given by the government. We are committed to the health & safety of our clients, and the spread of the virus. Where possible, scheduled valets are preferable on private driveways or open spaces where social distancing can take place and we can be left alone with the vehicle.

Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

Motorhome Washing

Motorhome Washing

Engine Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

Leather Cleaning & Protection

Leather Cleaning

Fabric Hood Protection - Vinyl Hood Cleaning

Fabric Hood Cleaning & Protection

Mobile Valeting, Car Washing, Seat Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing

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